7 Symbolism

The Orient has always been different from the West in its cultures, customs, traditions and beliefs. In order to uphold the essence of their age-old taboos and edifying legacy, most oriental countries have held back their traditional fallacies till today. The significance of numerals is prevalent in oriental convictions of which 7 is considered the most enigmatic number. It has been observed with credulous awe since antiquity. 7 is regarded as a numeral holding enormous power and potency.

According to Chinese surmises, 7 denotes a perfectly concluded circle because each lunar phase lasts for a week, i.e. seven days. Hence the number brings in sheer luck and protection from all evils to mankind, as per popular beliefs in the Orient. Auspicious ceremonies and events are celebrated on the seventh of every month. In some Eastern countries, 7 is considered the number representing womanhood and its eternal power. Traditionally it is said that the seventh son or daughter of the seventh child is bestowed with prophecy and psychic inhibitions.

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